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Re: alpha

On Wed, 11 Dec 1996, Bdale Garbee wrote:

> > Note that the ALPHA has a 128-bit memory bus. You need to populate all 4
> > SIMM slots. It also uses parity, so true parity SIMMS are nice, although
> > they cost a bit more than the virtual-parity ones.
> My UDB is happily running at monitor level with 2 16meg sticks in slots 0 and
> 1, for a total of 32meg RAM.  These are 4Mx36 70ns HP sticks.
> So, should I load Redhat, or is there enough Debian Alpha running to be worth
> starting elsewhere?

I'm not sure, but I guess the initial bootstrap still has to be done
with the RH disks. Once you get far enought to be able to install 
stuff via NFS, you should be able to install dselect and family
and continue from there.

I still didn't have time to buy memory for the Alpha yet.
These network problems have taken all the time I wanted to use for
shopping for parts. 

After pretty much everything happened that is the nightmare of an ISP in
the last 2 weeks, we should finally have some quiet on that front.

The Archives are completely local on master so performance should go up 
and even more important, the nfs bug shouldn't bite us anymore.
I have 3 spare partitions which I can plug in once Sparc/Alpha/68k and
MIPS start to grow so this too should give us some time to lean back. 

As soon as I find time to go shopping for SIMMs and find time to set my
ALPHA up, I will put it online as alpha.debian.org so that everyone can
start compiling ALPHA packages on it.


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