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Re: About using Linuxconf

On Sat, 28 Dec 1996, Shaya Potter wrote:
> I don't understand, I thought we would just use the regular init.d scripts
> for starting and stoping even under linuxconf.  A script would be nice to
> set up a basic dropin, but it should be modified by the maintainer to take
> full advantage of linuxconf.  Also, I just realized, that many
> postint/prerm scripts wills have to updated b/c in reality if we have
> linuxconf installed we want linuxconf to start and stop the daemons, even
> though the scripts would do the samething, just so we don't make linuxconf
> go bonkers.
> This shouldn't be that hard just have a 
> if [ -x /usr/sbin/linuxconf (or whatever) ]
>         do linuxconf's stop command for drop in
> else
>         /etc/init.d/packagename stop
> fi

Hmmm, it seems that I don't understand.  My thought was to
implement linuxconf in such a way that it didn't do anything at
all, but could (easily?) be configured to.  It doesn't sound like
that's realistic.

> I was actuallt thinking that this would be a good feature to put in debmake
> if we are actually going to make linuxconf a major part of the
> distribution, not just an extra item (optional, but still major).  However,

Again, I misunderstood.  I was thinking it would be possible to
create a tool to help people convert to and from a linuxconf
environment.  That would mean translating existing scripts to
dropins and vise versa.  It wouldn't require package maintainers
to do anything.  I'm sure I must have missed an earlier part of
this discussion, so I'm going to drop out of it and just listen
for a while.


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