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Re: libgdbm1 dependency problems

Christoph Lameter writes:
> On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, David Engel wrote:
> david >It's not currently feasible to automatically calculate the
> david >dependencies on shared libraries as most libraries don't have the
> david >required information compiled in.  It is possible to compile the
> david >dependencies in but most people don't do it.
> I have tried it with libgdbm and it seems to work. dpkg-shlibdeps gives an
> error message about one ldd output line that it cannot understand (the
> first output line of ldd is self-referential....)
> but otherwise it works. 

I know about that problem.  I hope to fix it in the next version.

> Could I dare you to try to package glibc with debmake? I will fix things
> that need improvements etc etc. I think it will be much easier for you to
> maintain it.

I intend to use debmake for glibc.  The biggest problem I have,
besides finding the time to work on it and learn debmake, is that, by
default, glibc installs many things that are already being provided by
other packages.  Here's a partial list of existing Debian packages
that could be affected: netstd, nis, libdb1, libdb1-dev, timezone,
wg15-locale and glibcdoc.  I am going to put together a list of
conflicts so we can decide what glibc should 'takeover' and what
should be left in the existing packages.

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