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About Emacs and Perl.


Hi everyone!

Just two little questions for taking over the bugs in AUCTeX:

1 - It seems that there is no more link for the site-lisp file
    from emacs... But one bug (4899?) reports they're some in 
    buzz distribution. Someone can clarify me about it?
2-  It's more a question of opinion but...
    I'm going to send both a Xemacs and a Emacs package of AUC-TeX.
    They're some convention about this kind of convention? I can see
    almost three way of doing this:
    i   - make a binary for Xemacs, a binary for Emacs, both including
    their elisp file... (the binaries, as someone say, aren't compatible).
    ii  - make just the binaries for both programs and put the elisp source
    in two other seperate packages...
    iii - As ii but putting the lisp files in source (one source for both)
    iv - Only one package who byte-compiled at installation or offer a 
    script to run whenever is need by the administrator....

All are mainly easy realisable but it can be cool to have the first 
standard distribution for emacs... both X and GNU... My experience with that
is this fairly easy to get a GNU-Emacs lisp package compiled on Xemacs. I 
don't know for the reverse.

Any suggestion?

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