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Re: Bugreports

Good morning everyone!

Winfried Truemper writes:

> > Similar figures for me... The thin lines from Germany over the big
> > pond are just too crowded... :-(
> The numbers above are measured from the WiN. They are not typical for
> _all_ Internet providers in Germany. The problem of the WiN is it's huge
> user base.

I just recovered that the DFN ("owner" of our WiN) has announced some
time ago that they will upgrade their connection to USA to a 90MBit/s
link at the end of this year. Yesterday a friend of mine told me that
the link has been established and that he has already seen it. *smile*

So I think I'll wait 'till january.

> Although I don't want to advertise for my provider GTN, they have a 2Mbit
> line into the USA which is not overcrowed at all. I can transfer the
> newest dosemu from tsx-11 with 5kb/s even on rush-hours.

Hmm, perhaps I should consider mirroring it from my work account and
mirror that to my home machines, the last link is quite fast...

Best regards,


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