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Re: libc5 dependency change proposal

'Christoph Lameter wrote:'
>I submitted the following bug report against libc5. This might need
>Subject: libc5 5.4.13-1 : .shlibs file problem
>Package: libc5
>Version: 5.4.13-1
>The shlibs file for libc5 contains:
>libc    5       libc5 (>= 5.4.13-1)
>libm    5       libc5 (>= 5.4.13-1)
>libpthreads 1   pthreads1
>This indicates for all program linked with the libc 5.4.13 that they will   
>not be able to be installed with prior version of 5.4.X!    

Yes, this is necessary.  Although all software linked against older
libc5s should run under the newer libc5, any software linked against
the newer libc5 may not work correctly if libc5 is downgraded.  There
is and must be a ratchet on the gears of libc5 :)

I believe the "definition" of minor version number in shared libs is
that linking against the newer library might break the older library.

Although sometimes full backward compatibility may be possible, in
general it is not possible.  So as a matter of policy, each new
upstream of any library should increment the .shlibs file to x.y.z-1.

Maybe you should close your bug.

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