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Re: Bug#6014: emacs shouldn't use C-h for "help"

Has anyone else read the Key-Setup mini-HOWTO? It gives a solution that
might just please everyone - leave emac's ctrl-h -> help mapping alone:

  One choice is to remap the keys under Emacs.  Unfortunately you'll
  lose the ``<Ctrl-h> = help'' mapping.  So, I decided to map
  <BackSpace> -> DEL.  This leaves BS for use by <Ctrl-h> in Emacs.

  So, now what shall we do for the <Delete> key?  In a previous verion
  of this document I used ^D, which works under both Emacs and csh/tcsh
  as a ``Delete character on cursor'' function.  But since then I've
  found a better solution.  The kernel by default maps <Delete> as the
  VT100 ``Remove'' key sequence (``ESC[3~'').  It is not hard to teach
  Emacs and tcsh to recognize it.  The advantage is that you can bind it
  differently than <Ctrl-d> in programs.  Also, it is more consistent if
  you also map other cursor control keys.  The disadvantage is that you
  might not be able to use it in some application which you can't bind
  key sequences (but than apply to the <Delete> -> ^D binding as well).

More info in /usr/doc/HOWTO/mini/Key-Setup.gz

I have my system set up accounring to this mini-howto, and it seems to
work well.

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