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Re: md5 file signing.

Bernd Eckenfels:
>[Ian Jackson:]
> > What is required is an option to make dpkg record this information at
> > install time.  I can do this but I'm busy and it's a low priority.
> This wil slow down the installing even more. And it would require a lot of
> work. The additional file solution is simpler, the modifications to md5sums
> generic, the gencontrol patch already done.

It's less work than you might think, and should not make dpkg
significantly slower.

I disagree that the modifications to md5sum are generic.  md5sum is
supposed to calculate checksums, and should not deal with permissions,
ownerships, &c.

I disagree that dpkg-gencontrol is the right place to do the
build-time calculation, even if build-time calculation is appropriate,
which I think it isn't.

If you go ahead anyway I'll just have to undo it all again in a few
months ...


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