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Re: libgdbm 1.7.3 reworked with debmake

I'd appreciate if you would maintain the packages. I think I am done with
them now. If there are any more issues coming up with debmake then please
tell me. I changed the maintainer since I thought the packages were
abandoned. Just upload a new version with a maintainer change.

If you dont have the time: I can scan through the bug list and see what
else to do.

Do you know who is doing libz? I am going to do that next I guess.

On 14 Dec 1996, Mark Eichin wrote:

eichin >yeah, libgdbm (and libdb) predate the current standards, and I never
eichin >made the time to convert them.  Thanks! (especially if this improves
eichin >debmake in the process...)
eichin >
eichin >(We'll see how many of my other packages I can switch to debmake, or
eichin >at least the new standard, before 12/31...)
eichin >

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