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Bug#5950: dpkg-buildpackage change request re orig directories

Brian White writes:
> [Ian Jackson:]
> > If you don't like the way dpkg-buildpackage works you can easily write
> > your own version that fits whatever your local source code management
> > policy is, or write a wrapper to give it the options that control
> > these behaviours.  dpkg-buildpackage is a simple script which uses
> > only documented public interfaces to do its work.
> It doesn't matter what my local policy is!  Your script (of which
> use is encourage for all developers) just erased several entire
> directory trees from my hard drive.  The fact that it made a backup
> somewhere is irrelivant.  I lost at least two original source trees
> this way because I deleted the "*_*" files once uploaded.

It is precisely to the point what your local policy is.

dpkg-buildpackage (and dpkg-source) have to implement _some_ policy
for source code management.  I chose for the default the one that made
the most sense to me for the reasons I considered at the time, and I
don't see any new considerations which would change my mind.

There are options available to make it do what you want, I think.  If
you want something that isn't supported by the options available
please let me know and I'll consider it.

However, the fact that this convenience script has a default that
conflicts with your local policy is _not_ a bug.  You may consider it
a misfeature, but I don't.

If it turns out that there is a sensible policy that cannot be
implemented using options to dpkg-buildpackage and dpkg-source then it
might be best to fix this either by adding an appropriate option, or
by writing another script (if dpkg-buildpackage is too far away from
what you want).

As I said, dpkg-buildpackage is small and uses only published
interfaces.  You can roll your own quite easily if you want.
Alternatively, if you submit a good patch to add an option for the
behaviour you wish (if it isn't optional already) then it will be
integrated and distributed.

In the meantime, thank you for your change request, but I decline.
The default behaviour for dpkg-buildpackage will stay as it is.

I am closing this bug report and would NOT appreciate it being opened
again.  Thank you.


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