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Re: 2.1.X Kernels

On Sat, 14 Dec 1996, Shaya Potter wrote:

spotter >
spotter >This is a side note, but how were you able to get dosemu to do that?  I 
spotter >remember with older version of dosemu, circa this past summer, I had to 
spotter >recompile the modules to get dosemu to work whenever I upgraded the kernel.
spotter >It wasn't that hard, they were the first things built during the make, so 
spotter >I just killed it after they were built, but it was anoying.

debians dosemu does not use modules. Compiling a module for a kernel
version did not insure that the module ran on the SAME kernel version with
a different kernel configuration. The special insmod of dosemu
bypassed the symbol table! At that point after some bug reports I decided
to remove modules altogether from dosemu because it was too dangerous.

The dosemu project + Linus subsequently decided to incoporate dosemu
support in the kernel itself which is now in 2.1.X. All recent dosemu
versions compile without modules. They can be configured for the advanced
kernel support in 2.1.X (and patchable into 2.0.X). That I cannot do since
dosemu is supposed to run on 2.0.X.

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