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Re: I'm packaging the dotfile program

On Sun, 15 Dec 1996, David Engel wrote:

> Shaya Potter writes:
> > I have been fooling around with packaging the dotfile program (recently 
> > announced on c.o.l.a)  It seems pretty nice, however I have a few 
> > questions about what I have seen when packaging it.
> > 
> > 1.  It is basically a tcl/tk program, so I would think it could go in 
> > all the binary formats, except for the fact that it bytecompiles the tcl 
> > scripts.  Can I modify the Makefile so it won't do this or does this mean 
> > nothing and can still be put in 'all' or is this neccessary.
> Are the byte-compiled versions architecture independent?  If so, the
> package can still go in 'all'.  Otherwise, how much does not having
> the byte-compiled versions affect performance?  The last time I tried
> dotfile, the startup time was faitly long.

That was basically my question. Thanks for rewording it in a way I 
actually understand now? :-).  So if anyone can answer this I would be 
appreciative.  I am wondering if byte compiled means that it's machine 
dependant or is it kind of like java, which is semi-compiled and is 

> > 2.  While it was byte compiling, it gave the following error message a 
> > few time.
> > 
> > application-specific initialization failed: no display name and no 
> > $DISPLAY environment variable
> > 
> > This is b/c I was packaging it from the console, will this cause a 
> > problem for people trying to run it.  I am currently not running X, so I 
> Probably.  If you get this message, something in the build is not
> getting done.
> > am not going to be able to test the package, so once it is complete I am 
> > going to put it in experimental until I hear that it works ok.
> Hmm, you aren't running X.  Wouldn't that make it tough to find and
> fix bugs?

As I said, I was running it from console, I was logged into it remotly.  
I have the machine at work which does have X on it, but since I don't get 
a chance to go into work much I don't have much opportunity to use X.  I 
am waiting for my father to get a new computer so I can put debian on his 
old one.  The one I use now has to small a hard drive to have both 
Windows and Linux, and my sisters need windows.

Shaya Potter

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