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2.4.0-test11 and pcmcia on a toshiba 320CDT Acer Travelmate 201TXV - Support? [ale] Re: running X in a telnet session ALSA and ThinkPad 560 Alsa patch for A20p APM disabled? apt-get dist-upgrade-except-foo1[-and-foo2] ? Aristo Laptop: Trident and X4 Best Laptop? Re: Budget laptop for linux Budget Laptop for Linux? # bye Can't boot into Linux after Install Can't boot Linux from hard drvie Compaq Armada 1130 XF86Config problem?!? Compiling a kernel... confusing pcmcia problems console-apt (was: dist-upgrade-except-foo...) Re: Re: couldn't boot existing NT partition. Current developments with InterMezzo Cyberblade 7i Chipset Video Artifacts w/ stable Debian mass installation dell inspiron 4000, 3com miniPCI 3c556 (vortex) Re: Re: detecting and loading modules Difital Hinote and X DivX video-format dselect ES1988 Allegro-1 Re: fixed thinkpad screen flicker? [forwarded] pcmcia, suspend, etc. Free funnies every day! Frozen pointer on a TP T20 Gateway Solo 2150 fan works sporadically under Linux grub? Hibernating hostname lookup failure How to find pcmcia module options? How to get rid of LILO HP descjet 340C support IBM Thinkpad Re: IBM Thinkpad 770 - but now Keyboard is acting weird! IBM Thinkpad 770 - Mouse "goes crazy" in X Re: IBM Thinkpad 770 - Mouse "goes crazy" in X (fixed!) but now Keyboard is acting weird! IBM wireless PC Card I got me a laptop :) InterMezzo and Debian re: IR / Nokia keyboard problems Laptop Dell Latitude CPx 650 with Debian Potato 2.2 list archive - LCD flicker A little off topic...laptop date. lm-sensors on DELL I37k? re: loading modules location of lphdisk (was Re: IBM Thinkpad) Modem not working in Linksys PCMCIA Ethernet + modem combo multiple kernels fandango. my dell NeoMagix256ZX support in potato? Net Config new issue v3.0 Infrared-HOWTO (former IR-HOWTO) opening a thinkpad i1410? Opensound driver PCMCIA PCMCIA issues installing potato on an old laptop PCMCIA modem questions PCMCIA Modules - do I need the sources? PCMCIA questions pcmcia upgrade slink->potato pcmcia upgrade slink->potato; more info procmail pump question quick general debian questions Re: Re: rolling a kernel for a different machine running X in a telnet session Sony Vaio 505TR sony vaio laptops Sound Conf -- ESS Maestro-2 sound question svgalib screen sync once more... SVGAlib/X Screen sync problems System freezes after starting PCMCIA Thinkpad 390E Thinkpad 390 Xserver thinkpad 760el and X4 Thinkpad T20 and sound thinkpad t20, apm and x Re: Toshiba Satellite Boot problems touchpad hangs under X4 Re: Re: TPad-600E and kernel 2.4 Trident 9525DVD UDF Support Undefined symbols in pcmcia modules in potato Re: Unidentified subject! UNSUBSCRIB unsubsrcibe Upgrading Harddrive and USB Re: Vaio Suspend (was: IBM Thinkpad) Where does pcmica-cs package installed? X4 does not shutdown properly X4 is slow on Neomagic (NM2200) X4 on Neomagic NM2160 X4 troubles on Vaio PCG-XG28 (NM2380) xf86config and Neomagic 256AV Re: xf86config and Neomagic 256AV (and now apt-get dist-upgrade) Xircon troubles when switching to kernel 2.4.0-test9 X Windows Geometry Question Zip CD RW drive The last update was on 11:03 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 393 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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