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Boll Weevil wrote:
> Pay attention to:
>         lsmod
>         cardctl config
>         cardctl ident
> to diagnose your problems.
> First check to see if the light on the hub is lit when the card is connected to the network.  If not, while the computer is on, unplug
> the nic card from the laptop, you should hear a beep.  If you do, then plug it back in and you should
> hear the beeps again.  Then launch the "cardctl ident" and your computer should see the card.  If
> not, keep digging.  The site should give you a lot of info on PCMCIA and nic cards.  Let me know if
> it works or not.

Thanks for your tips. But the nic dont work! Here are Informations.

i read the howto (not all, but a lot). 
I read it there: 
A high beep followed by a low beep indicates that a card was identified,
but could not be configured for some reason.
I hear this every time. 

The light on the hub isnt lit!

cardinfo --> Anonymous Memory

lsmod -->       Module          Used
by                                         comments
                memory_cs       0
(unused)                                      is think this can be a
conflict or not?
                xirc2ps_cs      0
(unused)                                      this is the right modul
                ds              4 (memory_cs xirc2ps_cs)
                i82365          2
                pcmcia_core     0 (memory_cs xirc2ps_cs ds i82365)
                serial          0 (autoclean)
                unix            17 (autoclean)
cardctl ident -->       Socket
0:                                               see nothing
                                no product available
                        Socket 1:
                                no product available

cardctl config -->      Socket 0:
                                Vcc5.0V Vpp1 5.0V Vpp2
5.0V                     but what are this?
                        Socket 1:
                                not configured

Question Nr. 1: How can I kick the memory_cs modul? It is up from start?
Question Nr. 2: How can I make that the xirc2ps_cs Modul always startet?
Question Nr. 3: Do you have any ideas what I must do now? I has run the
pcnetconfig script for config /etc/pcmcia/network.opts. 
A other thing from the howto:
The cardmgr daemon configures cards based on a database of known card
types kept in /etc/pcmcia/config. This file describes the various client
drivers, then describes how to identify various cards, and which
driver(s) belong with which cards.
Mus I make configure /etc/pcmcia/config special? 


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