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Re: grub?

> I'm an old Mac user trying to learn to use Linux. At first Iwas using
> Mandrake 7.1, but I decided to switch to Debian because of the
> philosophy behind it.
> I bought the O'Reilly book "Learning Debian GNU/Linux written by Bill
> McCarty. This book contained an CD with Debian 2.1.
> The book explain how to install the system. But after I'm done and
> restart the laptop (IBM ThinkPad) it stops at a command saying GRUB> and
> nothig happends!!?? What shal I do?
> gamenius

Mandrake 7.1 uses GRUB instead of LILO. 
You need to remove GRUB from your sistem before you install Debian. I
guess you can use a DOS boot disk and type "fdisk /mbr" but I do not use
GRUB so  I am not sure.

Adrian De Leon <adl@linuxmty.org>

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