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Re: Best Laptop?

> Sorry...I already deleted the original message, so I'll just respond to this one...
> 	I'm using a Toshiba Satellite 2775XDVD, and I'm thoroughly impressed.  I bought a Netgear FA510c eth card, compiled the cardbus and tulip modules that came with my kernel (test7; didn't try the one off the disk, but at least it was there...), and it worked off the bat.  Unfortunately, it came with a Lucent Winmodem, but the modem worked perfectly with the ltmodem driver.  

	Anybody know if Lucent will cough up anything for the 2.4 series?

> It uses a Maestro 2E, which was originally supported in kernel 2.2.14.
> 	The only problems that I have encountered so far are:
> (1) The Savage IX/MV that it comes with requires the special X Server available from S3 and somewhere else (forget where), which can and does cause hardware lockups (it's still beta...problems should be ironed out soon)
> (2) Suspend-to-ram works perfectly, but it doesn't wake up when it's supposed to, and when I wake it up, there is no picture (might be a suspend vs. XF prob though...)

	Try building framebuffer into your kernel (so that it will properly
	handle resetting the graphics mode - covers for the bugs in the 
	savage X server when going back to text) and configuring your apm
	to switch to text mode before doing the suspend. 

	If your machine isn't happy enough with the speed of doing it via 
	script, fetch the source for the mandrake cooker version of apm,
	and compile it locally. They added it to the code and gave it a
	commandline switch, -g I think.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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