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Re: Can't boot into Linux after Install

> On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, christoph hebeisen wrote:
> > > I've installed potato from CDROM on a new Lifetec Laptop with Windows
> > > ME pre-installed. When I rebooted into Linux at the end of the
> > > installation, everything seems to initialize fine, but the computer
> > > blocks at 'Loading PCMCIA Services : cardmgr.' or something like this.
> > > As I don't have PCMCIA cards, i skipped the corresponding menu in the
> > > installation program.
> > 
> > hit crtl. c - then the computer should boot up normally afterwards. then
> > deinstall pcmcia-cs via dpkg -r.
> > 
> Unfortunately, hitting ctrl-c or whatever key-combination doesn't work
> either, no reaction at all, so i have to do a hard reset!
> I see no way out of my problem, anybody ideas?

Yeah... boot off a rescue disk (my favorites: Tom's rtbt, or Linuxcare's
BBC), mount up the drive's partitions in the right order, chroot into the
environment, then dpkg --purge pcmcia-cs.  (That'll get it out of the init
scripts, as well as getting rid of its control files so they don't waste
space for you). 

It sounds like your kernel and mbr are setup properly already, so after
that, exit your chroot, unmount the filesystems so they're sync'd, shutdown
the rescue environment, and boot normally ... hopefully it'll work a lot 
better... if it still hangs, it probably was not pcmcia.  It probably was
thing thing after it, and you saw the messages from pcmcia properly, but
aren't seeing the messages from the broken thing.

If that's the case (this is ugly) you'll have to reboot the rescue environment,
look at /etc/rc2.d and see what things are being launched... you should be
able to recognize a few things, and so spot when it stopped.

Hope that helps.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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