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Re: Best Laptop?

On 2000-11-20 05:32, Heather wrote:
>> > As far as I can tell, anyway. It requires specialised drivers under
>> > Win32, fails to expose itself as a serial port and has the right sort of
>> > PCI specs to be a software modem.
>Actually, under Windows there will -always- be a driver ... but with a true
>modem, it will be only a couple K, enough to declare the device's name and
>link up to the serial port, basically.  The others will have a driver that's
>quite large, perhaps 47k or worse.

Of course under Linux you need drivers for real serial ports too, for exactly 
the same reasons as under windows.  Serial drivers allocate IRQs, mediate IRQ 
sharing if required, initialise the port, set the desired speed, and buffer 
IO so that a serial port that can only be talked to 1 byte at a time (with a 
16 byte FIFO buffer if you are lucky) can still support read() and write() 
system calls with 10K buffers passed in!

>Whether it's missing one or two of the functions, it will fail to appear as
>a normal serial port under Linux, as far as I know.

There are drivers for 2.2.14.  It shouldn't be THAt difficult in concept to 
reverse-engineer them...

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