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Re: IBM Thinkpad 770 - but now Keyboard is acting weird!

> Thanks for the suggestions guys, my mouse now works properly after I got 
> rid of gpm.  However, when I enter Gnome now and start Gnome Terminal, some 
> of my keys on the Thinkpad are not mapped correctly.  For example, when I 
> press the "/" key, I get a "-" (which was almost disastrous as I was trying 
> to search something in dselect and ended up almost uninstalling some random 
> apps) and when I press "&" I get "/" and other weirdness.  It's probably a 
> keyboard setting file or something right?  Can you point me to the right 
> direction?  It works fine in the regular console (non-X) of course...
> Still learning...

Check your /etc/X11/XF86Config file, it should have a 
	Section "Keyboard"

...in there, one of the settings is for which language keyboard you have,
for example, a standard American one with stupid-windoze-keys is 
	   XkbModel        "pc104"
           XkbLayout       "us"

Note, most thinkpads do not have MSwin keys, so your XkbModel is probably
different.  However, I mention this because if the model of keyboard is
too insanely wrong, it could also misplace the keycodes wildly like you
described.  pc104 should be a harmless extension over a normal 101 or 102
key layout though.

One possible way to get a GUI to fix it is to use XF86Setup.  I *strongly*
urge you to make an extra copy of your /etc/X11/XF86Config first though,
as it might get your keyboard right, but if you've forgotten your video
characteristics right when it asks them, you could get those seriously 
screwed up.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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