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Re: xf86config and Neomagic 256AV


Andrew Dwight Dixon wrote:
> HI,
> jvicente@banelco.com.ar wrote:
> > I have tried to install XFree on potato but I couldn't find my video card.
> > I found a Neomagic MagicGraph 128 option, but mine is 256.
> I've got a vaio f-250 with that chip in it and I use xf86config to create an
> XF86Config file for it.

I've got a Vaio F707, with a 256AV+ chip. The svga server (3.3.6) can't
probe it
so I just uncomment the "chipset NM2200" line in XF86Config and it
> > Which xserver should I use? I think it should be SVGA.
> > Have somebody tried Framebuffer? Is it better than standard svga?
> svga works like a charm.  I haven't tried Framebuffer but I'd love to know your
> experience with it.

I've tried both. I didn't test them very much (no benchmark) but I
prefer the
SVGA since I can switch between 640x480 and 1024x768 modes. I also use
framebuffer for console mode (1024x768). 

By the way, when I use 24bits modes, I've problems with some programs :
Netscape use monochrome buttons (but the documents are fine)
Xearth don't run complaining about number of bits per color.
I think it's a bug in the retrieval of the bpp number.
Everything is OK with 16bits modes.

> > And I don't know which horizontal or vertical refresh rates I have to set.
> > BTW, I have a thinkpad 390E.
> hsync= 31.5-48.5
> vsync= 60
> I then edit the XF86Config file.  Delete any modes that aren't "1024x768" and
> also any screen definitions that aren't "1024x768".  Because of the way an
> LCD works these aren't variable so you can't use the other modes (at least
> I can't) and they tend to mess things up.
> good luck,
> Andy
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