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Re: System freezes after starting PCMCIA

On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 11:07:36AM -0700, Hubert Chan wrote: 

>     >> The way you're writing sounds like if you start pcmcia what the card
>     >> isn't in, then the system doesn't freeze.  Is that right?
>     Philipp> Yes. I somehow managed once to load the the tulip_cb module. But
>     Philipp> ifconfig would not work then.
> So what happens if you start pcmcia without the card, then stick the card in,
> and run "cardctl insert" (as root)?

If I insert the card the system freezs. I can't type any command.

> I had to disable CardBus support in my BIOS.  It wasn't a software thing.  I
> don't remember what happened before I disabled it.  I think that the PCMCIA
> modules just didn't recognize the controller and failed to initialize the card.
> If your BIOS has a setting for that, you can try changing it.  It shouldn't be
> harmful, and if it still doesn't work, you can always change it back.

Unfortunaly my BIOS has no options for changing the Cardbus-stuff.

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