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dell inspiron 4000, 3com miniPCI 3c556 (vortex)

Hey all,

New to the list, new to notebooks, using debian for over a year,
and linux since 0.99pl14.... ;-)

So I've recently got myself a Dell Inspiron 4000 and am having
trouble getting the 3Com miniPCI NIC working.

I've got potato installed on the machine (base + a few bits) but
whenever I try to load the 3c59x (vortex) kernel module, it
craps out with (paraphrased):  "device or resource busy".

This happens whether I'm in the Debian install utility or working
in a virtual console on the installed system.  (FWIW, I grabbed
the 2.2r1 install floppies and tried again -- no dice.)

As an aside, I get the same error when trying to load the Maestro
module for sound -- though I'm really not concerned about getting
sound working at the moment.

I verified that the card (and the other hardware) were working
fine under the preinstalled windoze environment before blowing
it away and the NIC continues to work fine under the FreeBSD
installation I have on another partition.

Web searches had led me to the home page for a fellow named
Fred Maciel who had apparently patched Donald Becker's vortex
driver to support this card and the notes on the web page
indicated that the patches had been included in kernel 2.2.17.

However, Fred's home page seems to have disappeared....
(It was at  http://www2.neweb.ne.jp/wd/fbm/3c556/ )

I was all set to get fresh kernel sources and try to apply the
patch myself to see if that would get things working but, well,
the patches went with the page....  :-(

Anyone have experiences/suggestions/etc.?


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