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Compaq Armada 1130 XF86Config problem?!?

I have problem using Xfree on Compaq Armada 1130 
The chipset is a CLGD7548 and I`ve XF3.3.6 (my chipset is unsupported in
XF4! :( )

I`m searching for XF86Config that permit 800x600 resolution and 16 bpp.

Please Help Me!!!!!!!! ;)

Best Regard

Simone Merli                                                   : :' : 
E-Mail: simoz(at)ada2.unipv.it                                 `. `'
TiLUG Member (Ticinum Linux User Group)                          `-
Home: http://ada2.unipv.it/~simoz                        Debian GNU/Linux 2.3

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