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opening a thinkpad i1410?

My wife has an old thinkpad i1400 type 2611.

Does anyone know how to open this laptop? I tried removing all the
screws from the bottom (including two under the snap-down feet). I can
pop the case open most of the way around the edges, but it seems stuck
near the floppy/cd and one of the rear corners. Anyone know the trick to
opening this system?

Maybe I should open it through the keyboard or take the display off
first, but I don't see any way to do it.

Here's why I need to open the case:

The AC adapter socket in the system seems to only make intermittent
contact. The store wants to charge $600 for a new motherboard, but it
seems like I could just glue/solder the connector back to the board so
that it makes good contact.

Thanks for any info or a pointer to another list where this would
be a more appropriate topic. A google search turned up a similar
question/response on bsd-nomads, but the info seems to be in japanese.

Lee Bradshaw                 lee@sectionIV.com (preferred)
Texas Instruments            bradshaw@ti.com

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