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Re: keyboard problems

Yes, it works through the bios and I can type random letters while the kernel is loading. It does not work anymore when I get a login prompt, with or without xdm. And I do not have a way to remote into the machine and lilo is setup to not prompt for anything.
Also, at the login prompt, the mouse does not work nor capslock.

Cory Petkovsek wrote:

At what point does the keyboard stop working?

It should work through bios.  Does it work with lilo at the boot: prompt?

When it is not working, can you flip on and off the capslock light (if you have one)?

Is your potato up and running ok?  Can you remote in to it and do stuff?

You should be able to type in characters while startup scripts are loading, even during kernel startup. At what point here can you not type characters on the screen?

Do you start xdm/gdm (graphics) on boot?

What if you start in single user mode?  (at the boot: type 'linux 1').


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