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Thinkpad 390E


This might be a little off-topic but I guess you can help me with this.
Yesterday I installed Debian on my system and everything was fine, later
that day, the harddisk acted weird.

I got ide0: interrupt lost messages and several timeouts.
The harddisk made a real weird noise.

I didn't touch hdparm of made a custom kernel until that point.
So I thought: it might be 'overheated' by a day of use (which would not be
good thing, but hey). So now in the morning the damn thing doesn't boot at
all. I tried to reinstall both Debian or Windows98 but the harddisk cannot
be detected any longer.

I guess the harddisk is no more so I have to get myself a new one. I
wondered if I could just slam in another 2.5" drive, or that is has to be
an IBM drive or, even worse (because I think they aren't made any
longer) a thinkpad390E specific drive.

Does anybody have ideas on this or is the harddisk not damaged at all?

Kind regards,
Maurice Verhagen
The Netherlands

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