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Re: Hibernating Vaio..how

> Debian List wrote:
> > I set up a partition at the end of my drive which should be used for
> > hibernating.  I have a sony pcg c1xs and am i supposed to just do apm
> > -s.  Cause that doesnt suspend to disk.  What im really asking is how do
> > you call the bios to take over and suspend everything to disk
> >
> Hello,
> I bought my sony vaio refurbished.  It didn't come with the necessary 
> partition to do the hibernation functions.  You need to create the 
> partition.  But what you really need is the phdisk.exe utitlity on your 
> disk images that you got from sony.

The fact that phdisk.exe works means you should also be able to use 
the linux based lphdisk.... http://www.procyon.com/~pda/lphdisk/

> Not only does the partition need to be the right size, it must be of the 
> right type, and then the utility tells the bios about the hibernation 
> partition. Without all of this setup up propery it doesn't matter what 
> keys you hit or apm -s.. it won't work.
The size needed is the size of your memory, plus the size of your video
memory, plus a small amount for overhead.  (rounding up a cylinder boundary
worth is usually fine).  The partition has to be of type a0 which linux
fdisk calls "Thinkpad hibernate".  Hey, that reminds me, I ought to file
a bug with the fdisk maintainers, that ought to be "Phoenix hibernate".

> But it should still suspend to dram nicely.
> KG

Anyways, hope that helps :)

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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