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pcmcia upgrade slink->potato

OK, I've finally upgraded my Asus f7400 laptop from slink r5 to potato 
from the r0 CDs (2.2.17 kernel).  All is sweetness and light except 
I'm no longer able to access the ethernet through my 3Com/Megahertz 
3CCFEM556 card.  Cardinfo show the card to be ready, ifconfig shows 
the 'eth0' interface up on the right address and netstat shows a good 
route table.  However attempts to ping another host on the net result 
in 'sendto Operation not permitted' errors.  All right so I get tired 
of playing with this and bring up my modem (built into the same card), 
establish my ppp connection and voila my ethernet eth0 connection 
begins working.  Take down the ppp connection and eth0 continues to 
work.  This repeats for every boot.  I tried using the slink 
pcmcia directory that I'd saved and got exactly the same results.

I have some spare disk space so to check my sanity I load SuSE 6.4 
(2.2.14 kernel) and the network comes up first crack out of the box 
and without using the modem.  I copy their pcmcia directory to the 
potato partition reboot Debian and get the same results described 
above with potato.  Ejecting and reinserting the card makes no 
difference nor does restarting /etc/init.d/pcmcia.

What am I missing here???

Any help of suggestions will be very much appreciated.


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