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Re: sound question

* christoph hebeisen <heby@heby.de> [001122 12:18]:
> >    Now if I can just figure out how to automatically unload it when it's
> > not needed...
> i don't think you need to... try lsmod and check if it says "(autoclean)"
> in the last clumn - at least all the modules that are loaded automatically
> on my computer get cleaned up automatically when they're not used.

Are you sure? From /usr/share/doc/modutils/README.Debian.gz:

% * Automatic unloading of modules is no longer done by kerneld. Instead
%   we use a new little daemon called modclean.                                          

but, from /usr/share/doc/modutils/changelog.Debian.gz:

% modutils (2.3.11-6)...
% * Don't install modclean anymore. It worked, but the current
%   implementation ignores post and pre-remove commands in modules.conf.
%   Upstream plans to have a proper solution for 2.3.12 instead.                               

So, it seems we have no autoclean for kernel modules on Potato.

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