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Re: I got me a laptop :)

On Mon, Nov 06, 2000 at 10:57:03AM -0900, Aaron Dewell wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, CaT wrote:
> > I'm going to go and try the free package... which i believe is like what they're
> > selling except that it only last for 7 days or something, no?
> >From opensound, yes.  You can try it out, and verify what the card is before 
> paying them $30.  Or find out that it is supported by a different name or 
> something.

It worked. I had moosik on mah lap :)

How god are they at keeping upto date? I like running the latest stable

> > Already on 2.2.18pre19. Might try 2.3.x but am a wee bit fearful of
> > fs corruption.
> I'm running 2.4.0-test9 with no problems.

The todo list still mentions things to fix re fs corruption. It's that section
that gives me worrysome thoughts.

> > Yes but no go. tried playing with setserial but it ddn't do anything. As I said
> > in a prev letter I do have the irq and io port but the modem don't wanna play
> > ball. :/
> Sounds like a Winmodem problem...  

Everyone at Gateway I talk to assures me that it isn't. Xircom don't mention
the word 'winmodem' on their website (or at least as far as their search 
engine is concerned). I will talk to the sales guy tomorrow though to double-
confirm. I asked for a real modem durnit.

Is there any way I can test for wether or not it is?

CaT (cat@zip.com.au)

	'We do more then just sing and dance. We've got a brain too.'
		-- The Backstreet Boys

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