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Re: confusing pcmcia problems

> ---- Heather <star@starshine.org> wrote:
> > did you says tty little-s 2 ?  shouldn't it be ttyS2 ?
> > 
> Boy do I feel like an idiot! I'm still confused though, because it was
> working... Changed to ttyS2 and modem works fine. in /dev there are,
> however, ttys0, ttys1, etc. as well as ttyS0, ttyS1, etc. Why are the
> ones with lower case 's' there?

those are pseudo TTY slaves, according to the kernel docs (major number 3) 

> On the ethernet side, what else would allow DHCP to function, obtain
> an IP address and add a nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf, but still end
> up with non-functioning network?

Well, only ARP needs to work to get DHCP going... that packet contains
the information you gave above - but if you had a wrong submask so you
got a bad broadcast and/or gateway IP, or if your gateway is just not
working for some other reason, all your outbound packets would be sent
somewhere that will never hear you.  :(

I personally have grown rather used to this, as my own large batch of
addresses don't start at a 0 block, so the network and mask have to be
absolutely correct.

> Still confused... Michael

Good luck.  Glad to see your ttyS* are working.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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