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Re: Xircon troubles when switching to kernel 2.4.0-test9

On Thu Nov  2 10:27:42 2000, Mark Demma wrote:
> Thanx for the suggestion.  Unfortunately, I had already tried changing
> this value in /ect/pcmcia/config and still get errors.  It loads the
> module fine, but when it tries to start the network, after "executing
> './network start tulip_cb' it says it can't find module tulip_cb, same
> thing for ./serial start tulip_cb, then it complains that it can't find
> /dev/tulip_cb or make it.  The config file points to xircom_tulip_cb not
> tulip_cb, so why does it keep looking for the tulip_cb module?

I have the same problem.

It is a bug with the kernel.  CardBus cards behave like PCI cards from the
kernel's point of view.  There are calls in the kernel to get information about
the PCI cards, and these calls are used to get info for the CardBus cards.
Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to get the dynamically assigned
ethernet device name for a CardBus card using the existing calls.  Instead,
these calls look up the PCI device information that has the name of your Xircom
card as "tulip_cb".

I think this is one the list of things to fix, but it is not on the list of
things to fix before the release of 2.4.


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