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Re: xf86config and Neomagic 256AV (and now apt-get dist-upgrade)

I think I should move to woody, then.
Just one question: If I do an "apt-get dist-upgrade" to woody, what happen
with potato's packages that are no longer needed in woody?
I think there shouldn't be major problem, but I don't want to harm my
notebook with unstable software, altough I only have a base install and
Well, I think I should do a dist-upgrade, because I would get a real 2.2.17
kernel, and the latest pcmcia and alsa sources.
BTW, the thinkpad has an ESS Solo1, is that enough with the kernel support
or it does sound better if I use alsa?

Por favor, responda a "Christopher Hicks" <cmhicks@stretten.demon.co.uk>

Asunto:   Re: xf86config and Neomagic 256AV

The version of XF86 in potato is too old to have 256AV support. You need to
get a newer version. You are right that it is the SVGA server that you

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> I have tried to install XFree on potato but I couldn't find my video
> I found a Neomagic MagicGraph 128 option, but mine is 256.
> Which xserver should I use? I think it should be SVGA.
> Have somebody tried Framebuffer? Is it better than standard svga?
> And I don't know which horizontal or vertical refresh rates I have to
> BTW, I have a thinkpad 390E.
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