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Re: IBM Thinkpad

On 2000-11-01 23:13, Maurice Verhagen wrote:
>I have a IBM Thinkpad 390E which I want to use for Debian. Although my
>question at the moment is, the IBM uses some sort of 'hibernation'
>partition. What should I do with this? Can I savely remove this or is it
>save to keep it anyway. And what can I do when the partition accidentely
>gets lost?

If you lose the partition then you can recreate it as a regular DOS partition 
and use the PS2.EXE program to recreate the hibernation file.

Linux works well with hibernation on Thinkpads, I've done it on several 

One advantage of hibernation over all other options is that you can swap 
batteries on a hibernated Thinkpad.  So if you need to run for 8 hours 
without mains power then you can have 2 batteries that do 4 hours each.

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