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pcmcia upgrade slink->potato; more info

pcmcia-cs 3.1.8-16 used throughout.

More information, 

Running single user and starting pcmcia by hand results in this

eth0: found link beat
eth0: link partner did not autonegotiate

Then pinging a host on the net produces:

ping: sendto: Operation not permitted
ping: wrote [target addr] 64 chars, ret=-1
Packet log: output DENY eth0 PROTO=1 [my addr] [target addr] L=84 S=0x00 I=18
F=0x0000 T=64 (#2)

Watch my laptop's screen as I ping it from another host on the net produces
the following packets in exact beat with the pings from the other host:

Packetlog: input DENY eth0 PROTO=17 L=328
s=0x00 I=7695 F=0x0000 T=123 (#3)

Any pointers or suggestions appreciated.


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