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Re: dselect

JParker@coinstar.com wrote:

> G'Day !
> I forget which package it choked on (maybe libpam0) ... basically a package
> needs libpam0 but libpam0 cann't update till I've upgraded the other package, a
> real Catch-22.  So now it is stuck in this limbo state of packages installed but
> not configured properly.
> When I went back thru the documentation ... it warned me of this, I just did not
> read it.  My mistake, getting too lazy to read manuals.

Right, but I've had this problem with "apt-get dist-upgrade" too.  That's not a
dselect problem at all.

This is why one has to be careful about holding -all debs which interdepend with
-i386 (or whatever) debs, like when locales-2.2 recently came out before most
arches' libc6-2.2.

I guess Intel users have the luxury of not having to worry about this too much
since most devs upload i386 debs, but us non-i386 unstable users (like pre-potato
PPC and ARM) have *always* had this problem for *almost all* packages.

Any other "dselect bugs" out there?

-Adam P.

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