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Re: sony vaio laptops

I had a PCG-Z505S and the only thing that I didn't get working was the
WinModem, but then I had high speed connection everywhere anyway so I
never bothered trying. The 12" screen is a delight to work with, X
configures up no trouble at all. Sound is well supported now. USB may
well take some effort, but I did get it working. 

The only complaint was the battery life, on the standard battery you
could may get 1.5 hours out of it is you're lucky. I don't know about
the 3x battery and I didn't have one. 

Only had CD not DVD so can't comment. 

Trick to installing from cd-rom, when the kernel boots  append:
ide2=0x180 to the lilo boot line and the cd is available as a regular
ide device, doesn't even need pcmcia support to access it.

This machine was great when I had both the laptop and a desktop machine,
but now I'm done to one machine only I found the Sony not quite upto the
task of day to day heavy development machine and went for a full size
laptop instead (Dell Latitude CPx) which is a great machine you just
have to live with the weight.


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