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Re: Modem not working in Linksys PCMCIA Ethernet + modem combo

On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 04:04:34PM -0500, Joanne Hunter wrote:

> >  I have the Linksys Ethernet + modem PCMCIA card (PCMLM56) and can't
> >  get the modem to work (the Ethernet worked right after potato
> >  install). The system is Toshiba 2545 XCDT.
> I hate to have to tell you this, but...
> The modem in that card is a Lucent winmodem. There's a driver for it
> (look on www.linmodems.org) 

That's really a surprise for me! As you can guess, I bought the combo to
bypass the internal Winmodem in the Toshiba. The Linksys card was and still
is advertised as Linux-compatible, driven by serial_cs (see the bottom of
the Linux tech support page,
http://www.linksys.com/support/support.asp?spid=26) and even the current
Linux/Modem database (http://www.o2.net/~gromitkc/20001116a.html) gives it
an OK, rather than WM rating, which I took as "true modem".

I can try installing the Lucent winmodem driver but I hate to think that
either Linksys has changed the chip in mid-production or there is some
really deceiving advertising going on.

Thanks very much,

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