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Re: System freezes after starting PCMCIA

Philipp Schulte <p.schulte@matrix.uni-duisburg.de> writes:

> Ok, if I start pcmcia with "/etc/init.d/pcmcia start" while the card is
> inserted the system totally freezes - sysrq doesn't work. I can hear a
> short beep and that's it. Removing the card doesn't help.

The way you're writing sounds like if you start pcmcia what the card isn't in,
then the system doesn't freeze.  Is that right?

> I am totally new to the PCMCIA-system so I would appreciate it, if you
> could point me the right direction. Is it possible to insert and eject
> the card at any time?

Yes.  Some computers will automatically detect when the card is inserted and
removed.  I never got mine to do that.  But you should look into the cardctl
program.  Under X, you can also use the cardinfo program (make sure you run
these as root, or they may not work too well...).

> Should it be inserted prior to booting?

My network card is in prior to booting.

> Do I have to load anyting else, before I can use the card? 

Don't know.  I don't use that card.  For the card that I do use, though
(Linksys EtherFast somethingorother), I don't need to load anything else.  In
general, I don't think you should need any extras.

> BTW: http://mobilix.org says this card is supported, that's why I
> bought it. And I have read postings from people, saying this card
> works very well. 
> So what am I doing wrong?

If the card is supposed to work fine, there may be something wrong with the
PCMCIA controller.  Some manufacturers don't use very compatible chipsets.
Toshiba (my laptop) is one of them -- I had to disable 32-bit CardBus support
to get it to work.  I don't know anything about LifeBook, though.

Or you may just have a defective card.  If you can, try another card in your
laptop, or try that card in someone else's laptop.


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