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heby > you missed something important in the kernel build and installation
     > procedure (or did you compile everything into the kernel not making any
     > modules? not necessarily a good idea, especially not on a laptop with 
     > not too much memory):

It's true that you missed these things, but also: 

> > 	cd /usr/src/kernel-source-2.2.17
> > 	make xconfig
> > 	make dep
> > 	make clean
> > 	make bzImage
> > 	cp /usr/src/kernel-source-2.2.17/arch/i386/boot/bzImage /vmlinuz

Your error message came from not also copying its mapfile of symbols:
	cp /usr/src/kernel-source-2.2.17/System.map /System.map

(you could potentially have also had it do both of these for you, and 
 rerun lilo, by doing
	make bzlilo
 instead of make bzImage.  I normally do it the way you did, because
 I use multiple kernels for testing, and want to be able to name them
 myself under /boot, plus decide if I want to hook them into lilo yet.
 bzlilo doesn't actually *change* anything in /etc/lilo.conf, so it's
 less of a chance than you might think.)
heby > make modules
     > make modules_install

Unless, for some strange reason, you made a kernel with no module support;
while possible, this would suck for card services unless you use a 2.4pre
kernel, where pcmcia/cardbus support *can* be built in.

My one brief foray in that direction suggests also that there are some 
size limits to the final size of your kernel.  So "pure" kernels are only
suitable for special purposes, and being a laptop user, I need a somewhat
-more- general purpose use, with the exception of not needing to support
swapping motherboard parts.
> > 	lilo
> > 	cd /usr/src/modules/pcmcia-cs
> > 	make config
> > 	make all
> > 	make install

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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