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Re: xf86config and Neomagic 256AV

On 2000-11-22 13:31, jvicente@banelco.com.ar wrote:
>I have tried to install XFree on potato but I couldn't find my video card.
>I found a Neomagic MagicGraph 128 option, but mine is 256.

The driver for the 128 should work on a 256 chipset (it has worked for me in 
the past).

>Which xserver should I use? I think it should be SVGA.
>Have somebody tried Framebuffer? Is it better than standard svga?

Framebuffer is good.  It allows you to kill the X server and have the kernel 
restore the video mode.  Unfortunately there is no NeoMagic frame buffer (if 
I had lots of spare time I'd write one).  So you have to use the VESA frame 
buffer, this should be faster than the SVGA driver for games but will be much 
slower for scrolling windows in X.

>And I don't know which horizontal or vertical refresh rates I have to set.

They shouldn't matter much, unless you have a CRT monitor plugged into the 
external monitor port.

>BTW, I have a thinkpad 390E.

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