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confusing pcmcia problems

Computer is a Dell Latitude D266XT with a Xircom realport 10/100 ethernet
+ modem - I had network and dialup using wvdial both working, but without
making any changes I am now having problems: wvdial gives me "cannot
open /dev/ttys2: Input/output error"
I can start ethernet, and pump gets me an IP address, & adds the nameserver
to /etc/resolv, but I can not even ping the DHCP server - I get a timeout.
ifconfig shows that the machine received an address, but from the server
I cannot ping that address. I suspected hardware problems (maybe still),
but booting into Windows 2000 I find that dialup works (although with
considerably slower connections than before) and ethernet works (although
now a suspend requires me to pull the card out and reinsert to get it
to work). I tried a known working (identical) Xircom card & found the
same problems. I am about ready to go to Dell since the machine is still
under warranty, but would like to have more definitive evidence of computer
hardware problems - I suspect that if I mention Linux on the machine
they won't have much patience with me... Any ideas on how I can test
this better? Thanks.


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