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Cyberblade 7i Chipset Video Artifacts w/ stable

I recently got a new laptop courtesy CompUSA because my good ol' Compaq
Presario died.  I just got my hands on this thing when I went home for
Thanksgiving, and I finally had a chance to re-partition the things and
install Debian on it.  However, I am having considerable problems with
XFree86 3.3.6 that comes with the latest potato (stable).

The videocard appears to work fine, and the XFree driver runs it at
1024x768 at 16bpp like it runs in windows.  However, under any load the
screen has little oddities and artifacts all over it (brief flashes that
look like one row of pixels had a burp).  It's fine when the system is
at rest, but when new windows are opening, etc it causes problems.
Anyone know how to fix this? (I've tried both 4mb and 8mb for the video
RAM size [selectable via the windows driver] and it dosen't fix it.
8bit works great).


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