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Current developments with InterMezzo


Just thought that there would be people on this list interested in the
current developments with InterMezzo.

InterMezzo looks like being the tool of the future for connecting a
laptop and a desktop together.  Apparently it is useable now, though
with several limitations.

The good news is that version 1.0-beta1 is ready now, and is
apparently easy to install.  I can't speak from experience though
because I am waiting till it has been made ready for Kernel 2.4.  They
are currently working on this.



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Gord Matzigkeit is packaging up version 1.0-beta1 for us - it will probably
be based on last Tuesday's version.  Shirish has done extensive testing on
this and it should be stable and usable - but conflicts are cumbersome to

A lot has also happened at the head of the tree - Shirish and I branched
InterMezzo.  The branch tag is something like v1_0beta1 and this one is
pretty much unchanged.  The packaging should first target this.

We then went on a cleaning spree and removed GetML from the Lento code -
causing some problems. To make it worse, we switched to the official POE
distribution, asked Rocco Caputo to make some changes and fixed up Lento for
that purpose.  That led to POE-0.1110 released by Rocco today.

The head of CVS will soon work with POE-0.1110 at which point we no longer
have our own POE.  I also made some changes to the kernel code to aid
setting up and tearing down mount points. Shirish will add a minimal amount
of code to handle conflicts.  When things work again, we will make beta2
based on this (hopefully late next week).  We will make a small modification
to the "mount" package to make it easier to mount and unmount InterMezzo
file systems.

In addition I ported the kernel code to 2.4, which was rather a lot of work.
This is totally untested.  While I was doing this I noticed several
opportunities for improvements.  With 2.4 we will first fix the bugs and
make it work with ext2 (no fs recovery).  From there we go and work with
Chris Mason to get ReiserFS to support "extended" transactions.  Then we
have a recoverable InterMezzo for Linux 2.4.

Just to keep everyone up to date.

- Peter -

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