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Re: Budget Laptop for Linux?

On Fri, 17 Nov 2000 05:29:30 -0500
Kent Pirkle <kpirkle@mindspring.com> wrote:

KP> I'm looking at buying a low cost laptop to run Debian on. 
KP> A lot of the big names are making low-end consumer laptops
KP> in the $1000-$1400 range like the IBM Thinkpad iSeries, the
KP> Compaq K6 laptops, etc. From the Laptops on Linux page, it
KP> looks like some folks have had problems getting some of these
KP> to work under Linux.
KP> I've also seen a lot of refurbished older laptops that were
KP> higher end models in the $399-$799 range. Usually P133-233 range,
KP> with 32Mb+, 2GB hard drives, etc. A lot of these seem to have
KP> more support under Linux because many of the problems have been
KP> worked out since they came out.
I paid $1500 for my Sony Vaio PCG-505TS - and I am happy with it and Debian.
I think, that you may buy it for less price in your country.
It is P-300 MMX, with 64 Mb RAM and 4 Gb HDD - it is quite anought for Debial Linux, but you can upgrade RAM to 128 Mb.

PS. One more - it is superslim with only 1.25 Kg weight.
KP> Thanks,
KP> Kent Pirkle
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Best Regards.
Alexey Kakunin, M.Sc.

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