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Re: Aristo Laptop: Trident and X4

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> Hi,
> I'm using an Aristo Laptop FT-8400, 233MMX, 32MB RAM, with Trident graphics
> (TGUI 968X). The problem arises when switching from X to a text virtual
> console. The screen becomes unreadable, seems like the mode stays graphics, 
> mode switch is not complete. To make things more interesting, when I turn the
> LCD off unsing the Fn key (built in feature), and than switch it back on, the
> text mode is fine and clear.

It must have missed sending some crucial reset instruction - which the reawaken
via Fn key sends.

> Has anyone any clue as to why this happens and how this can be corrected?

I have never seen an Aristo but a dif't model that had X vs. Text problems  
was "cured" when I switched to a framebuffer kernel.  The textmode framebuffer
handled the restes and it all looked very nice after that.  Prettier font too.

> Oh, and I had to add NoAccel option into the config file. Otherwise the
> graphics screen was unreadable.

That's kind of annoying.  Keep your eye out for 4.0x support on your card.

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