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Re: Opensound driver

> I've checked that file with file, yes ..its only an html file that
> containt an error message like this:
> <H1>FTP Error</H1>
> <h2>Could not login to FTP server</h2>
> <PRE></PRE> 
> Actualy, I have the license key from opensound already, but its still
> not working.
> Every time I tried on : http://www.opensound.com/download.cgi; then
> enter the license key,
> always got that error file.

If you use lynx to do a fetch, then this is what you get when there were
too many anonymous logins to let you in.  You'll just have to keep trying
until you succeed, or find a mirror that is less busy.  Since it's a 
commercial product there probably is no mirror.

Or whine at their customer service to send you the file on a disk (or CD
if it's too big).  You've paid money, they have to give you the product

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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