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ALSA and ThinkPad 560

I replaced the commercial OSS drivers in my desktop machine with the ALSA
drivers, and it works great.  The reason I could not get it to work in the
past was that I did not know I had to download the drivers from the ALSA
website, and I thought the Debian ALSA packages were sufficient.

Now I want to try installing the ALSA drivers to my ThinkPad 560 also, and
I know that my ThinkPad uses the ESS Autodrive drivers in Windows.  Does
anyone know how to get ALSA to work on a ThinkPad?  I have tried to
configure ALSA for ESS Autodrive and alsaconf just aborts.

Maybe I need to use a different driver, not ESS Autodrive.  My desktop has
a VibraX card but I had to configure ALSA for SB16 PnP to get it to work,
so perhaps a different driver is needed on the ThinkPad also.



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