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Re: X4 troubles on Vaio PCG-XG28 (NM2380)

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> Hi all.  Yesterday I decided to give the upgrade to X4 a try on my Vaio
> running woody.  dexter caused me much grief, creating an X config that
> would hang the console with a completely blank screen.  XFree86
> - -configure has given me the most promising results so far, but I'm still
> having a little trouble.
> With X 3.3.6, it seems as though the NeoMagic driver was smart enough to
> know that it was talking to an LCD panel and ignored the HorizSync and
> VertRefresh lines in XF86Config.  That doesn't seem to be the case
> anymore.  I've been tweaking the values for those options, and playing
> with different modelines, but I still can't get the server to run in
> 1024x768 resolution.  I got 800x600 working, but that's just not good
> enough!

Hmm.  Try eyeball-hunting for lines that have a 65.15 dotclock.  (Well,
that's what my LCD has anyway.)  On a 1024x768 class LCD panel under the
"SVGA" type server, I asked vidtune for the lines which were in active use
on the system I was on at the time.  8x6, 6x480, 10x7... widely varying
horiz and vert, all the same dotclock.

Best I can think of without having a Vaio to play with.
> Does anybody have info on VertRefresh/HorizSync, Modelines, or even a
> working XF86Config file that they could share with me?
> I can post all the info you need about the system configuration, if it
> would help.
> TIA,
> noah

If you capture the output from the good 3.3.6 session opening up, it may
include notes from the server about discoveries it has made about the video 
panel.  Possibly even a model number.

>From that you may be offered multiple dotclocks or its happy range...

>From getting the model number, you might be able to hit the net with 
a bunch of keywords ("LCD panel nnnnn clock" where nnnnn is the panel
model number, to google! would be my first shot) and see if there are
(I won't say technical, marketdroids abuse that, but) repair technician's
specs on it somewhere.  If they're available in open space and legal, the
X4 gang can use them to improve its LCD handling.

Best of luck

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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