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Re: IBM Thinkpad

On Nov  5, YH Gian (yhgian@bigfoot.com) wrote:
 > Hi there,
 > > I haven't rebooted in weeks, I just use suspend to disk all the time.
 > > One added advantage on my Vaio is that suspend to RAM stops my network
 > > card from working, suspend to disk does not.
 > I use a Vaio too and I have been having this network card problem with
 > suspend to RAM. When I got the VAIO it didn't seem to have the final
 > partition for suspend to DISK so I assumed that it was handled
 > elsewhere, at least it appeared to suspend when in Windows. Is there
 > anyway to find out if the suspend in Windows is just a suspend to RAM
 > instead of suspend to DISK ?

My Vaio has two separate keys for the different kinds of suspension,
Fn-Esc (to RAM) and Fn-F12 (to disk).  The manual explains pretty
clearly what the various keys do.  Also, an LED flashes while in
suspend to RAM mode, but not in suspend to disk mode.  To resume from
suspend to RAM mode, I hit any key, to resume from suspend to disk
mode I have to use the power switch.

Neil L. Roeth

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